Super Slim LED Panel Lingts 600*400mm (LDM-C-0604)

Super Slim LED Panel Lingts 600*400mm (LDM-C-0604)

Ultra Slim 600*400mm LED panel lights
Item No; LDM-C-0604
Power: 36W
Input voltage: AC100-240V 50-60Hz
LED type: 3528SMD or 5050SMD
Color temperature: 3300-9500k optional
Color: (cool warm natural )white

Main features:
1. The simple dynamic control on brightness and color. It can fully satisfy the market requirement on high-quality indoor decoration atmosphere, which is one of the best advantage that LED owns at present in comparison to the traditional lighting sources.
2. The external dimension is small. LED can fulfill the organic amalgamation with architectures, reaching the effect of only lighting without lamp. Meanwhile, it is convenient to reach varied gentle shape, which has brought a new thought for lighting design of indoor space.
3. Long lifetime. The LED with good heat elimination has the actual usage lifetime several times even dozens of times of the general used lighting sources. It has an extra advantage in the spot where it needs to be brightened for 24 hours and the maintenance and replacement are not convenient.
4. It has no infrared or ultraviolet radiation in light beam. It is especially applicable to museum, art gallery, library, cosmetic shop, jewelry shop and other professional spots, to meet the special requirement of certain articles on display lighting.
5. The LED panel light has strong irradiation direction. It has high usage rate of luminous flux, and small volume

Energy saved up to 50%. High intensity
5-years life span
Special different view angles, mixing lighting design;
Instant start, no flickering, no humming;
New inner high effciency (95%) with heat protection system, the constant current driver can work under unstable voltage;
Special design, each LED can work separately thus it can avoid the influnence that a brokenLED causes;
No electric wave
No such hazard that mercury of lead enters the environment
No RF interference

Product Origin: China(mainland)
Model Number: LDM-C0604
Brand Name: Lightingme
Input voltage: AC100-240V ,DC24V
Color: (cool,warm,natural)white

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